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The 20th Annual Prescott Rally, held in beautiful Arizona will be the location where the rallynotes team will start its 11th rally and celebrate their engagement anniversary. This event is by far the team favorite. Great flowing roads and a … Continue reading

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The screwvenir of the year.

First off – a new word for your vocabulary. screwvenir (skrew-von-eer) ; 1. A collectible item or souvenir that, by obtaining it, screwed you over in some way or another. 2. A trophy for “dead last but finished.” 3. Any … Continue reading

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Rally Superstar Colin McRae 1968 – 2007

If you asked anyone in the United States to name a rally driver, chances are they would know the name Colin McRae. Having used his name on various (rally) video game titles and having been the star of the last … Continue reading

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A series of tubes.

One of the main things that makes a car a “rally car” is its suspension. One of the struggles we’ve had to endure is working with a car that has an already scary low ground clearance and make it take … Continue reading

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Through the years.

I’m sure that some of you long time fans have noticed that the stylized Neon at the top of the page changes from time to time. Illustrated in Macromedia Flash by tracing a transparent picture of the car by hand, … Continue reading

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Dear Toyota,

Please, please, please, please, PLEASE bring the 1.8L Yaris TS 5 door to the USA. I would buy it tomorrow. I will use it to drive to San Diego. I will get 36MPG for 3 years. I would then turn … Continue reading

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The couple that rallies together stays together.

No, we didn’t fall off the planet. I mean, around the world to Tahiti is close, but we’re back and gearing up for our next adventure! If you’re wondering what happened – check out the new banner! See you soon! … Continue reading

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