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Live tracking – Leaving early for Rim

Last night I got the rally car up from the shop and parked close. I had time to build my Byonics TinyTrak3 APRS tracker (see this post) and got it setup and firing location packets. This weekend will be a … Continue reading

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The forest roads may be off limits this year, but that’s not going to stop the Rim of the World organizers from putting on a great show in less then a week. The center of the action will be the … Continue reading

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Strut Pop. Second Overall at Glen Helen II

Earlier last week I replaced the rear struts and checked for any other Desert Storm Rally damage. The right rear strut was fully compressed with the strut piston jammed all the way to the bump stop. This makes taking the … Continue reading

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The Ham Plan – APRS for rally cars

We finally got our call signs: KI6IUC (Kris) and KI6IUE (Christine). It took longer then I expected and other radio folks were telling us that it should be like 5 days not 15 days. Nothing to do but wait for … Continue reading

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