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We’re home from Lancaster.

We got home and headed right for a nap. What a weekend! There’s too much to even start to go into now, but we will post a complete story soon. If you didn’t see the standings, we fnished, thus taking … Continue reading

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A pre-rally last minute under the wire update.

The plan was to get the car on the trailer last weekend. The plan was to have the transmission and the struts sorted a week before the rally. The plan was to not be last minute with like 3 major … Continue reading

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Phantom Grip installed.

Last night I cracked the case on the 3.94 and prayed that the magic wouldn’t fall out. After reading the forums over at I learned the best way to install it. Replacing the stock dowel pin is no good. … Continue reading

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This year the team kicks off a big season with a huge rally close to home. Living up to its name “The Rim of the World Rally” in Lancaster, California is one of the biggest and most well known rallies … Continue reading

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Bullet cam setup – Awesome vids to follow.

I’ll admit that my in-car camera footage seems static. Yes – It’s an inside view of going really fast on a dirt road, but it’s always that same shot from the roll cage. One of the new upgrades that I … Continue reading

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Why repair – when you can upgrade?

Kaiser from our crew stopped by the other night to swap ECU’s. He just finished the conversion from automatic to manual on his Neon and was limping the car around with the old computer. In trade he had a brand … Continue reading

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