To-Do List

Open 2WD Car List – 2003 Dodge Neon SRT-4

remove carpets, seats, plastics, belts
remove weight, floor pan sound deadening
lighten doors
expose metal for main hoop and roll cage attachment points
re-route / re-run body wiring
remove dashboard and plan replacement
* FIA spec (RA and NASA current)
* strut towers tied in
* as much head room as possible
* standard door bars
seat brackets
seam welding
strut top re-enforcing

sub-frame re-enforcing
underbody mounts for skidplates
pipe inserts for jack stands
steering wheel, column, quickener
fuel lines, brake lines
hood pins, trunk latches

front and rear struts, springs
weld front control arms
limiting straps
solid engine and transmission mounts

kill switch
rewire fusible link to alternator
rally lights, relays, override
horn, foot switch, steering wheel
co-driver lighting
rally computer – Brantz
transceiver – Yaesu FT350
intercom – Peltor
intercom to video, intercom to radio
fuse panel, 12v resettable switches

starter, lights, reverse lights, fuel pump, ECU,
SKIM module bypass
gauges, oil pressure, boost, exhaust gas temp
OBD2 interface

FIA belts
FIA seats
fire extinguishers
first aid kit
roll bar padding
triangles, red cross, OK

helmets, HANS

carbon fiber dashboard
kevlar coated gas tank
complete underbody skidplates
fiberglass hood
built in cool-suit water tank, intercooler sprayer

Engine and Transmission
Complete Engine Wiring Harness
Complete Engine Bay Wiring Harness
Power Steering Pump, lines, and cooler
Clutch master and slave cylinder?
Clutch/Brake Pedal assembly?

Intercooler Piping
Radiator Hoses
Tranny, Upper and Lower Motor Mounts (the holes are larger on the the upper and lower mounts for larger bolts and the tranny mount is completely different)
Axles (and half shaft if it isn’t on the engine)
Coolant Bottle?
Fuel Line from tank to engine bay (aftermarket)
Fuel Pump (aftermarket)
Flex Fuel line from solid fuel line to fuel rail
Short evap hose that comes from the purge valve
All vacuum lines and the 3 solenoids
o2 Sensors
Turbo Housing + o2 Housing
Lower Control Arms (they’re stronger yet the same in shape)
Sentry Key Module + Key that matches the PCM VIN number.
Radiator (aftermarket)
Radiator Fans (aftermarket)
Shift Cables?
SRT Power steering rack (it’s shorter)
Flexible Brake Lines (aftermarket)

Production Car List – 1996 Dodge Neon ACR
I have restored the list to what it looked like when I started prepping our first car for Gorman Ridge in 2005. This will give you an idea of all of the little things you’ll need to worry about if you build your own Production Rally Neon. 🙂

roll cage gussets
metal head fire extinguishers
coolant change eco-friendly
plate around gas tank
tow hooks
seatbelts FIA

catalytic converter
O2 sensors
power steering
metal oil pan
heat shields
exhaust wrap
spring bolts
intake snorkel – aluminum
handbrake adjust
complete skid plate
plastic shield
tighten control arms / washers
fuel filter
K&N filter
brake pads / rotors

kill switch
foot switch horn
rally computer – Brantz
wheel sensor
backup clock
backup computer – Panoram
navigator lights
intercom system – Peltor
oil pressure
water temp
glass in KC daylighters

rally first aid kit – penny scissors
roll bar padding SFI

speed wrench
trunk latches – Sparco
trunk setup
tool mount
tow strap mount
spare tire mount
clean, prep & paint
gaffers tape vinyl
tint windows
video system
window vents

control arms
brake calipers

crew gear
fuel jugs
K&N Recharger

3 thoughts on “To-Do List

  1. Hi my name is Sam Stephens and I am an 18 year old high school student from California. I was wondering what kind of car I should get that won’t break the bank. Preferably under 4,000. I am able to drive a manual. I am also curious as to what experience I should have before I start racing my rally car. How long have you raced rally cars for? If I have any more questions I will email you. Thank you!

  2. I came across a picture of your car mid-jump, with about a foot of air under the tires!
    Needless to say, I’m impressed.

    My question for you is, what kind of suspension (Shocks / struts / springs / mods ?) do you run to be able to withstand that kind of abuse?

    I have a ’90s Buick Century I abuse offroad regularly, but would always love to push it a little bit further.

    • The production car uses custom Bilstein motorsport inserts (46mm) This is an inverted strut that takes the abuse. We are looking into Hot Bits for the new car.

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