Kris talks tow hook & skid plate [video]

We got an email from Peter asking about our front tow hook and he also wanted to get some more details on the skid plate setup. I go over the details here:

I don’t know if something like this will be a continued segment on rallynotes – so hit up the comments if you enjoyed!
– Kris

4 thoughts on “Kris talks tow hook & skid plate [video]

  1. Awesome, thanks. Couple of questions. Where did you source the HPDE and Metal for the Skid Plate from? About how wide is the skid plate? Would a 3′ x 4′ sheet be big enough? I am looking for my srt4. and will want to also use the skid plate to protect the bottom of the intercooler and intercooler pipes.

    • Mike,
      The front aluminum plate is actually 32″ X 48″ I had it cut down to fit in my friends press. Find a metal supplier or machine shop that can help you out. I use Industrial Metal Supply here in SoCal. There are shops around that can put the bends in it for you. For reference a 3/16″ plate like mine at the time of this post cost about $180 in material.

      On the plastic I get my material from McMaster Carr. I cut down (2) 4′ x 4′ sheets. You could also get metal from them, but it’s more expensive to ship.

      – Kris

  2. Kris, thanks for making the video. My carbon fiber skidplate experiment failed, so I was looking for tips on making an aluminum one 🙂

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