Out for paint and vinyl!

A fuzzy mock-up of the new rallynotes.com paint scheme!

The new rallynotes.com rally car is out at Danny’s Auto Painting in Long Beach. We’re finally applying the paint scheme as seen on the main image I designed over a year ago. Sneak peeks will probably be sent out on twitter, but we can’t wait to see it out on the awesome Prescott Rally roads!

The scheme reflects the rallynotes red and the days of the P-Car (Ze’Neon). Instead of red and white, we’ve opted for a silver and red. This will keep the heat out of the cabin and show off the SRT-4 / 2GN body lines. The goal is to have an instantly recognizable design that makes you say – “That’s the rallynotes.com Dodge Neon!” even if you only catch a glimpse of it on stage. 😀

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