Since shaking down the car at North Nevada, the graphics package and body work have been applied. The cute Dodge Neon is transforming into an SRT-4 beast! Driver Kristopher Marciniak talks about the new livery: “One thing that’s always exciting is when the rally car finally matches the logo design at the top of our website. That rally car logo is a sort of talisman for me in that I envision what the rally car will one day become and then work towards it.” The cars silver and red paint scheme was done by Danny’s Auto Body in Long Beach; Seibon Carbon hood; Vinyl by Streetwise Motorsports.

Set in one of the most iconic landscapes in the Southwest, The 25th annual Prescott Rally travels through red rock canyons for miles on winding dirt roads. These roads are considered to be some of the best rally stages in the country. The team fell in love with the area in 2005 and have been back every year to race or volunteer. This weekend (September 28-29) will mark their 5th year of competition at this event. The team is really looking forward to it!

The competition in the USRC Open 2WD class has 10 entries vying for the win for the final round of the championship. In the regional CRS class, a win at Prescott could mean a podium finish in the California Rally Series CRS-2 class championship. After setting 3rd fastest stage times at North Nevada, the goal is to place well with the new car. “I’d like to do exactly what we did at NNR without getting stuck on a berm for 20 minutes. We love Prescott and we’re going to have fun!” said co-driver Christine Marciniak.

Live updates from this weekend will be on the tumblelog and APRS rally car tracking will be active starting Thursday! The Prescott Rally website is


  1. It’s great to see you guys racing again. I haven’t kept up with rally in quite a while, and didn’t know Prescott was this weekend until reading this post. Last stage captaining I did was Laughlin and Desert Storm back in 2007 (loved driving the stage roads in my SRT-4 on the way to my stage) when I moved to Phoenix after being a stage captain at Susquehanna Trails Pro Rally in Pennsylvania for 9 years prior.

    Still have the bug though, going so far as learning stage notes off and on since. Gibeault Notes sound very interesting as well. I hadn’t heard of those either until clicking the “What are rally notes?” link in the sidebar.

    Show ’em what a Neon can do!

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