A good midwestern stretch.

Sham rock shakeTexas once again disappointed me this morning. For years I’ve been telling people this cute story about how they have shamrock shakes YEAR ROUND at the McDonald’s in Shamrock Texas. Lies. Damn lies…

We pull into the drive-through. I desperately scan the board for the little plaque that reads – (Shamrock shakes served year round!) – that I remember seeing only four or so years ago. I know if I was the manager of this silly little McDees in a town called Shamrock – well – you’d bet your ass we’d have Shamrock Shakes whenever you wanted.

The rest of the story goes like this:
“Two Shamrock shakes please!”
“You fail, please drive around.”

Road Trip USA THREE!Total Miles: 2548.28
Weather: Warm with gas fumes
States: OK, TX, NM

In New Mexico we headed to Roswell. Smelled like cows. We moved on.
Made it to Las Cruces, NM – now we only have a short hop to Phoenix tomorrow.

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  1. TONIGHT WE DINE IN HELL! Just kidding. It’s the not-hot season in Phoenix right now. Don’t know if the pie will be coming out of the oven when you pull into the driveway, but the coals should be ready on the grill. Ready for steak.

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