3325.15 Miles, 15 States, and we’re home.

Just a quick post to report that we pulled in yesterday around 3:00PM. Some quick stats from the trip:
Road Trip USA THREE!
3325.15 Miles (from NJ)
15 States
48:56 Drive time
67.9 MPH Driving average
1291 APRS Packets
27 MPG
123 Gallons of gas
$215 on gas card

I will have a full update with pictures, etc, later tonight three weeks from now.

RTUSA3 Track Road Trip USA Three 3

2 thoughts on “3325.15 Miles, 15 States, and we’re home.

  1. I heard about this from DR1665 (Brian) and my jaw hit the floor. You guys should get a medal or some kind of trophy for driving cross country in the rally neon!

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