Weekend in Maine

Ze\'Neon in Maine w/ Rally New York regaliaEven though other transportation was offered, we stayed firm to our decision to drive the rally car to and from my parents house in Maine. This gave us a chance to test out systems and see how the car will be set up for the USA trip. On Saturday I took it to the car wash to prep it for the sticker cover up. It was still very dirty from Intl’ Rally New York. I was able to tweak the APRS configuration and hopefully we’ll have a better track on the way home. I now have a monitored frequency programmed into the APRS packet – 146.550 We’ll see if we make any contacts with that.

I got out the white vinyl we brought and now have the trunk, numbers, and reflective stickers covered up. Much more subdued from the back – a little less identifiable. If 10 was a rally car in full sticker trim with a giant 761 on the side and 1 was a stock white Dodge Neon… We’re right around a 9.8 now. :p

Road Trip USA THREE!We’re heading out in a little bit back to NJ. We’ll be stopping in New Hampshire to meet up with friends. We’re now out our furthest North Eastern point – and it’s all West and South from here. I’ll try to get some more pictures posted when we get to Jersey.