A little drama for Christmas…

Road Trip USA THREE!Before the Neon went to NY I flushed the radiator with some antifreeze. As it does ‘freeze’ there. Well there was some hesitation to the mix of antifreeze to water. Panic danced in my head: “Yeah – I have antifreeze in there.” “Umm… Well I flushed it and added at least a half gallon of it.” “At least 1/3 of a bottle.” “Was it 50/50 mixed already?” “I topped it off with water only at the rally…” “Crap…” “Trying to replace freeze plugs on Christmas Eve will be fun.”

When we touched down in Newark there was clumps of frozen ice firmly attached to the runway. Our friend Ray who picked us up at the airport reports to us: “Yeah – it was down in the teens last weekend.” This is very bad. This is a frozen and cracked block bad. At 3:00AM (local time) I tear off the car cover and reveal the engine. I open the radiator cap. No fluid at the top. I peek in and see some green residue. I grab the lower radiator hose and don’t feel anything at all after squeezing. It looks like the back of the engine is wet.

After five restless hours I borrow the family car to pick up antifreeze at Wally World. I open the hood and pour about a cup in. *burble burble – In the first sign of hope, there IS fluid in the radiator. I pull the dipstick and look and smell for antifreeze (as well as oil). Oil is clean. Let’s start it up…

It’s a Christmas Miracle! :p
Car got up to temp, built up pressure in the hoses and has no leaks.
So, yes. I did put antifreeze in. :D

Merry Christmas Everyone!
– Kris & Christine

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  1. WHOA! Talk about dodging a Christmas bullet! (Is there such a thing as a Christmas bullet? Ammunition and Christmas don’t seem to go hand-in-hand, imo, but I digress.)

    Hope this is a sign of all the excitement (and miracles) awaiting you guys on your trip!

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