We are the 2008 USRC Production 2WD Class Champions!

Pete Kunics picture of Rallynotes.com team Marciniak

The battle that went all the way across the US to the International Rally New York is over. Our competition, pushing to make up a 58 second gap from Friday, rolled on stage 20 with 2 stages and the super special left to go. Hampton and Josh are okay and we talked with them after. We had a blast trading times with them all weekend, they are great competitors, and we wish them the best of luck.

Because of the ridiculously fast pace that was set by both teams: We took 1st in overall 2WD, 1st in Production, and 3rd in the USRC 2WD. We’ll have lots more to post and lots of hardware to bring back to the West Coast.

Kristopher and Christine Marciniak USRC Production 2WD Champions
2006 – 2007 – 2008 :D

13 thoughts on “We are the 2008 USRC Production 2WD Class Champions!

  1. Congratulations, guys!

    It was a blast getting to see you run out here, and we had a great time getting to share your victory celebration. Have a safe trip back west, and we hope to see you again soon!

    /Andrew and Sabrina

  2. hey you two, congrats again. it was a pleasure to get to even help and watch you race.

  3. Hey guys!

    Great to meet you this weekend. Wow what a fast pace! Congrats on your win. Glad your big trip out here brought you success! We will probably see you at some point next season.

    Take care,

  4. Kris and Chris,

    Congrats on the big win. Needless to say I’m incredibly disappointed for Hamp and I, but I also know it took a lot of effort for you to get out here and I’m happy for you that it went so well. You simply outclassed us. I’m glad we actually got to race this year. It was fun pushing to try to catch you after our Friday spin that cost us about 3 minutes. We ran some of the best stages of our careers with that motivation …well…until…


    As our crew is fond of saying…. “it’ll buff out” :)

    Enjoy the “off season” if you get one.

    Josh Katinger

  5. Do0d! 28 cars started, 19 finished, and on top of all the stats you mention above, you guys came in 7th overall? That’s crazy! Way to represent CRS. This post is full of win.

    (Is there any room left for trophies in the house?)

  6. * Andrew & Sabrina – Thanks for making the trek w/Cosworth just for Saturday!
    * Kaiser – this week for sure.
    * Kristin – Great to meet you guys! We’ll see you again for sure!
    * Driggs – With all the USRC acrylic and the CRS wood plaques – we could make one hell of a fish tank + stand. Not as glamorous as a Sterling Moss coffee table tho…

    Pics are up! http://planetkris.com/gallery/2008_11_IRNY08
    Videos to follow…

  7. A tremendous achievement!
    Race like hell for two days.
    Win everything possible.
    Put on the street tires and drive the car home.
    This was an event for the memory books.
    Sure glad we were there.
    Love you guys.

    P.S. Remember the 4 F”s

  8. Awesomeness :D Though I am confused where is the laundry list of broken parts? ;) Don’t tell us you drove it that hard and everything stayed on the car, must notta been trying. I keeed

    Muchos Grats for the overall, looks like super event, beautiful scenery for sure.

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