Overview map + APRS maps for Rally New York

APRS Maps for Rally New York 2008
A surveyor, cartographer, or map maker – I am not. I am, however, pretty handy with Photoshop, aprs.fi, and Google Maps. When I got the 3 course maps for Rally New York, I had some trouble correlating their locations. I also needed to make a downloadable (local) APRS map for the team. So I got to work (a 22″ screen helps) on some maps. The first one shows where the locations of the 3 course maps provided by Rally New York are. A handy overview for crews or spectators. The APRS maps get a little interesting. There are 2 included in the zip file. The first one is about 800K and is just the Google Map area overview. Great for a quick tactical view and slow laptops. The second map with the _extra extension is at a higher resolution 1.53MB and includes the 3 course maps layered on top, giving you stage info, radio locations, etc. The lineup is not perfect due to inconsistencies in the way these maps were made, but it’s close enough. The maps have been tested with AGWTracker and should work with other APRS mapping programs that take the associative .inf files. Enjoy!

2008 Rally New York Overview Map .jpg
Download this and it’s ready to print 8X10. The 3 maps that it refers to are located here: RNY2008 Course Maps

2008 Rally New York APRS + extra .zip
Includes a low and high res version and the coordinates in .inf files.