The Teardown – Phase II (the list)

I had some time this evening to spend at the shop. I pulled everything out and performed a much needed sweep and mop. While the floor was drying I got the rally car up on a lift and started looking over it like a American Airlines MD-80. The Rally Neon also has cracks in the fuselage. :p

Here’s my preliminary to-do list. A little bit of welding, a bunch of new parts and replaced items, and some cosmetic items. I have a little less then 2 months to get the car buttoned up for the big trip to North Nevada and Idaho.

Front skis need to be re-enforced and tied to the frame.
New front skidplate made out of 6061 3/16″ Aluminum.
Side sill angle iron needs to be replaced and re-drilled.
Front tow hook re-attached.
Rear strut towers cracking on fold – need to weld.
Build gas tank molded skidplate.
Add bars that support the gas tank skidplate.

Replace ball joints.
Replace control arms.
Check wheel bearings.
Flatten front strut towers. (Starting to bubble. If that makes sense.)
Install new Billstein strut inserts.

Replace left axle and find a right axle for spare.
Send 3.94 transmission out to be rebuilt.

Fire Extinguisher re-certify.
Tighten bracket or replace.
SFI padding check.
New headlights.

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  1. I am curious what the cracking looks like on the strut towers. I am also building a rally Neon and any knowledge that can prevent damage would be great. THANKS!

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