TrackerBox – APRS kit for rally

TrackerBox - APRS kit for rally
Looking for an APRS kit for the rallycar? The TrackerBox ‘group buy’ is now open!
Click here for all the details.

I have been asked by several people to provide a turn-key kit for rally. I only want to make enough to cover the cost of my time and shipping. I provided all the links to various items – there are no doubt other ways to build one of these – but I feel this would be your best bet. If you have the ability, I encourage you to go out on your own or modify what I have here. Seeing 10+ cars at a rally with APRS beacons on a big screen in service is my goal. Following the action of a US national level rally from the internet would be cool too.

2 thoughts on “TrackerBox – APRS kit for rally

  1. Good stuff. We were all impressed with your APRS setup last year and have been looking forward to expanding the list of active cars published to the Web :D Hopefully we can get everything together and grab up one of these boxes from ya soon.

  2. Very interesting and good work. Rally Barbados ( ran live vehicle tracking on the top 10 or so cars last year and it greatly increased the spectator experience – seeing the top speeds/averages as they happened on the big screen and seeing the live vehicle updates instantly (rather than waiting hours for press updates) added an extra professional/WRC-esque dynamic to the event. Not sure of the system they ran, but could recommend it from a spectator info/interaction point of view.

    Whatever happened to the Virtual Spectator service the WRC used to run? – that was simply fantastic :)

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