CRS Rally School 2008

California Rally Series LogoYou only have a short time left to sign up for the 2008 CRS Rally School in Ridgecrest, CA. This year’s class will be held on February 9th & 10th (Ridgecrest rallycross will be held on Sunday). A new element will be added this year for those just getting into rallycross. If you are at all interested in Rally, you’ll learn exactly what you’ll need to get started. Driver, Co-Driver, Rallycrosser, Volunteer, Spectator – the time controls and techniques will all be covered. From those who just finished building a car to those considering trying a rallycross – you’ll get so much out of this class!

We’ll be out there again this year to instruct and support this great program. Christine will help with the co-driver class, notes calling, etc. I will be covering the car prep section as well as instruction out on the driving course. We should have the Rally Neon out there. :)

Here is the link to sign up for the CRS Rally School 2008