The screwvenir of the year.

Screwvenir Dodge Neon Differential PinFirst off – a new word for your vocabulary.

screwvenir (skrew-von-eer) ; 1. A collectible item or souvenir that, by obtaining it, screwed you over in some way or another. 2. A trophy for “dead last but finished.” 3. Any simple bolt, fastener or clamp that takes longer then 1 hour to remove and required an air chisel, hack saw, AND torch.

Some how, some way – this differential pin did not explode and render my transmission useless at the Prescott Rally in 2005. Think about this pin while you casually watch Perkinsville fly by. This single item could have totally screwed up a lot of stuff. Think about the term: ‘transmission grenade’ when you imagine that this little baby was moments away from a royal cluster of transmission ending, rally over, try not to spin it into the woods when your front end seizes, cluster fudge of screw. I don’t even think sheer will power and determination are keeping this thing together right now.

This is the differential pin from the Dodge Rally Neon’s first transmission. No – It normally does not have ‘lobes’ in it like some weird camshaft. This tranny has been sitting in a plastic box since April of 2006. I replaced the transmission shortly before Rim of the World 2006 for performance reasons ONLY! My second gear in the 3.94 trans is having syncro issues. So, I decided to swap over to the old 3.55 while repairs could be done. In the process I swapped the differentials (my 3.94 has a friction locker) and I noticed the unbelievable. The planet gears inside the diff had chewed through half of a hardened steel pin! Wow…

I think this might become a key chain…
or some sort of rally talisman. :o Creepy!

4 thoughts on “The screwvenir of the year.

  1. “Cluster fudge of screw.” Milk almost came out my nose! That’s awesome. Isn’t that why some people avoid that particular “LSD?” Safing brackets/tabs keep it in place to be gnawed upon like Fido’s favorite bone?

  2. It’s really the dowel pin that’s the problem. It keeps the diff pin from popping out – BUT keeps it in the same spot to be chewed upon if the tranny gets hot and the planet gears get hungry.

    I want to reiterate here that the friction locker is in my other transmission and is not responsible for this mess. The tabs in THAT diff are actually a lot better as the pin can rotate and slide getting oil to it.

    – Kris

  3. It’s not quite able to grab on. It may be possible to modify one end to be more like a hook to do it. I’m seriously considering it – as – how cool would it be to open beers at the rally after party with a busted up differential pin out of a rally car. :p

    – Kris

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