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The United States Rally Championship Board of Directors and it’s organizers have announced the “Rookie of the Year Scholarship” for the 2007 United States Rally Championship season.

The requirements for the Rookie of the Year scholarship program are listed in the USRC GRR’s and state the following. “The title will be awarded to the rookie driver and co-driver who have placed highest either in the AWD USRC Championship standings or in the 2WD Championship standings.”

Michael Taylor, President of the United States Rally Championship, Inc. stated, “This program will offer a 25% discount off of entry fees on all USRC events for the following year awarded to the chosen Rookie of the Year for 2007. We hope this program will help our competitors with their costs.”

The 2007 United States Rally Championship Rookie of the Year will be announced at the final event of the season, the Laughlin International Rally.

Board member Ivan Orisek added “The Board and Organizers also agreed to offer this discount to our 2006 Rookie of the Year team for the 2007 events.” Congratulations Kris Marciniak and Christine Wittish.

Reply: What can we say but WOW! We are planning to run as many USRC events as possible this year. Christine and I would like to once again thank the USRC for their support.

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