Rally Neon progress update.

neon valve coverLast night James clicked a few shots with his phone cam, we closed the Trunkmonkey garage, and headed home. I’ve got a lot started on ze’Neon, but I have a long way to go.

We’ve got the front end stripped. Frame, engine block, and transmission – are pretty much all that is left in the car. 10 head bolts and the crank pulley are all that remain of the head gasket replacement. The oil looked good. The coolant looked awful. All the fluids are out and a heap of cat litter is on the floor soaking up the drips. I hope to have the head off, cleaned, and back together by Saturday.

The struts and bushings have arrived. The front suspension is now in a purple box in the back of the garage waiting for painting, cleaning, and re-assembly. The rear suspension still needs to be stripped out. This can all be removed with a 21mm, 18mm (steering ball joint), and 13mm (strut tops and swaybars) socket wrench. We could – “If we had to.” – replace the entire front suspension in a 20 minute service.

The engine wiring harness is now in James’ hands. I found that someone had used butt splices to hold the camshaft sensor plug on. There was exposed copper wire when I took it off the motor. I can only imaging what would have happened if the computer stopped knowing where the cam was. James will asses, re-solder and re-tape in order to survive rally conditions. He also needs to build a harness for the KC Daylighters.

My goal: Maine Forest Rally. I don’t yet see the light at the end of the tunnel – but I think we can pull it off. We press on…

3 thoughts on “Rally Neon progress update.

  1. Just out of curiosity…you guys are close to STPR as well…planning on doing that one?

  2. I wish we could.
    I don’t think we’d have the cash in time.

    I think Maine is a tough enough goal as is :)

  3. Darn :-) was hoping to get a chance to see the car run. I’m the stage captain for stages 7&10 at STPR and get a kick out of having a passing acquaintence with the competitors I see come through my starting control (Internet blogs count since I come here every day to see what’s new).

    Also, I am currently on my 4th Neon now…SRT-4, and enjoy watching them kick tail in another racing series.

    Good Luck in your goal for Maine.

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