Yet More Cage Work…

My brother and I took a trip back up to VT to see how Brent was progressing on the cage. Brent
suggested that when I had a day off – I should come up, paint the cage, and test the fit.
I must say this baby looks awesome. The rear doors close without ANY modifications to the door
panels. The front door window rollers work. The side vents are attached and work. The side fuse panel is only
at a slight angle (Instead of being removed, and re-routed to the center console. Which is what I expected we’d
have to do…
). It’s pretty easy to get in and out of. Oh, and it’s strong as hell!
The seats finally arrived – so this was a chance to do a “final fit”. We ran into
a few snags with the “shoulder” door bar. The first big snag was the fact the the Corbeau bracket for
the Neon is HUGE! It’s at least 1″ taller then the stock bracket. I assumed that it would lower the
driver position slightly. I was sitting up high in a very uncomfortable spot in the car. The second problem is:
I’m 6′4″ tall, and not designed to fit into a car of this size in the first place. I had about
1″ of headroom, and it was clear that we would have more then two things to do today. 1. Change the shoulder bar. 2.
Fabricate seat brackets. 3. Paint cage.

Once the final checks were made, Brent went to work cutting, grinding, and fabricating new “shoulder bars”. Korey and I
masked and painted the back half of the cage. The bars were moved back about seven inches, and pushed closer to the frame.
The end result is a cage that is not only extra safe – but comfortable to drive in.