Some sort of update.

My friend Brian from the Subaru club got a chance to upload some
of the pictures from the Covered Bridge rallycross that we did a few months back. He took the series above.
I guess I never even mentioned that I did that TSD – or the rallycross. It was sort of a last minute thing. Maddog (John)
volunteered as co-driver for the weekend. We did okay on the TSD, and came in 5th in class in the
rallycross. The car did so well driving in the TSD, that I decided to run the rallycross. Not the best thing for the
old stock suspension. :)

I took a second to put all the “rollcage” pictures into ONE folder, and kill some dead links, etc.

As far as the car goes – I’m waiting for money… My career as a Network Engineer has been less then exciting over the
last year. I should have the cage paid off, and the car back sometime in the next few weeks. Then I will be saving the money
for the suspension.

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