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Hell Yeah! This is what I’ve been waiting for! #megasquirt #msdroid #launchcontrol

Soft 3K limit setup for testing. The rallycar is coming together with the awesome looking msDroid gauges!

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2013 Prescott Rally – Music

Prescott Rally highlights! The band is “3421” and the song is called “Sparks” – Enjoy!

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2013 Idaho Rally International In-Car from SS11

Now with GoPro co-driver audio! So nice to get to hear Christine do what she does best while I concentrate 100% on driving. You’ll notice I had to say very little on this stage – just a corner confirmation here … Continue reading

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Kris talks tow hook & skid plate [video]

We got an email from Peter asking about our front tow hook and he also wanted to get some more details on the skid plate setup. I go over the details here: I don’t know if something like this will … Continue reading

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2012 Prescott Rally Highlights

Into the sunset, and then into the night – the team is slowed by dust and poor visibility. The next morning brings speed on Witty Tom and First View. Watch in-car from rally driver Kristopher Marciniak and co-driver Christine Marciniak

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2012 Prescott Rally – SS10 “Firstville”

This was the final 20 mile stage at Prescott 2012. The rallynotes.com team is flying in the hopes of beating Fiorelli / Smith. Even breaking their personal record by 30 seconds, it was still not enough. Twisty at the start … Continue reading

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High Desert Trails Showcases New Roads for 2011!

High Desert Trails Rally Organizers Kristopher Marciniak and Christine Marciniak are pleased to announce that they will be using new roads for the April 9th, 2011 event. Announced this week with a Google Earth Rally Road Fly-Over video, the new … Continue reading

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