Editorial comment: Peace’out Facebook

I have been driving traffic to Facebook for two years. I tried to create a community based around the rallynotesteam page there. I posted photos, videos, and content only to facebook. It seemed as if it was getting harder and harder to engage fans. Then I discovered this effort was a mistake 🙁 – One that I caught in August when I took a hard look at the demographics during the twitterrally contest. Now the “free and always will be” social network is saying “10% of this is free – the other 90% of your fan base costs extra to access”… This is not a commercial enterprise for me, it’s a hobby. So we’re pulling down the links, the likes, and the effort.

As of right now most of the stuff I post is sent HERE, facebook, and twitter. Posts on the site are robo-linked on facebook and twitter by IFTTT.com. If you GO to the rallynotesteam page on facebook you would see them, but it won’t show up in your feed automatically no matter how much you subscribed and liked. 😐

I invite you to follow us right here on rallynotes.com. (see below)
Thanks! – Kris

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One Response to Editorial comment: Peace’out Facebook

  1. Brian Driggs says:

    That’s how I roll on Facebook, too, sir. I’ve been saying for years, there’s no point investing time and money into building something special in someone else’s backyard. Someday, you’re going to either be kicked out of that backyard or find nobody visits you there anymore – and then what?

    Automate, delegate, eliminate. Facebook is nearly there.