Rally Cars and Wire Splices

NO butt splices or vampire tapsThere are two things that you will never find in my rally car. ‘Vampire Taps’ & ‘Butt Splices’. The first is an absolute NO. Vampire taps only work under ideal conditions and wire thickness. Too big and they make a poor connection, too small and they chop the wire in half. Both of these failures are acceptable for stereo systems, but not when you’re hooking up things like intercoms and rally computers. If you have to make a tap, trim away the insulation with a proper wire stripper, wrap the new wire in, and solder.

The second item has been part of an argument for ages, so I’ll give you my take. I hate butt splices. Even if you have a $50 proper crimper and you use the non-insulated ones and cover with heat-shrink, I just prefer a soldered connection over a crimped one. Wires are more likely to get pulled out or snagged in a rally car and that’s when butt splices fail. Here are two good articles on getting it right: Soldered Lap Splicing of WiresMaster a perfect inline wire splice everytime

This post was inspired from the vampire tap clean-up that I had to do on one of the wiring bundles in the 2GN. A previous owner had an aftermarket alarm installed and several of the taps had either severed or broken most of the copper wire it was clamped to. šŸ™

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  1. Steve says:

    agreed- solder anything more important than the door pin switch !