For those of you going to Rally New York

Spectator maps for Rally NY
I believe in spectators. I think they are essential for the growth of the sport and as a long time spectator the key to success is information. It was not so long ago I was leading 20+ Subarus around the woods of Rumford, Maine with a copy of a hand drawn map of the stages that looked as though it was written on the back of a Dunkin Donuts napkin, scanned, and posted online. “Squiggle, route 17, Fish Pond Road” – we’re done here. Thankfully, Rally New York embraces spectators openly and has lots of information and great maps online.

Tips for spectating: 1. Don’t be a chode. 2. Be aware. 3. Stay safe. 4. Have fun!
Driving like you’re IN the rally will get people hurt and could screw up the event for everyone. Trying to follow lost people ruins the weekend. Know when and where the cars are going to arrive. Print out maps! Pack some extra clothes for the weather along with water, food, and some folding chairs. If you’re going “out of bounds” prepare to hike (good boots) and keep a reasonable distance off the road on an INSIDE corner. Stay off the road when the stage is hot. If a marshal tells you to move – MOVE. Bring cameras and video and take a ton of pictures!

International Rally New York
Check out the main site at:
2008 Rally New York Spectator Guide
2008 Rally New York Course Maps
There. Now you have the tools you need to successfully spectate a rally. I expect you to be a good ambassador for the sport while in NY. :D

We are looking forward to seeing old friends, meeting long time fans for the first time, making new friends, and having a fantastic rally with all of you. Ze’Neon was loaded onto a car trailer last Thursday and is on its way across the country right now. We will be flying in to rendezvous with it shortly before the event. We’ll see you in New York!

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4 Responses to For those of you going to Rally New York

  1. Yeah. Nobody likes choads ruining the event for the rest of us!

    Is Ze’Neon repoting APRS right now? /goes off to check…

  2. Kris says:

    Brian: Quick chode example: Maine Forest 2002. Blue WRX with 19 year old boy driving and teenage girls in the back. Misses the T at the end of a LONG straight heading to spectate. They flip and then endo into the woods landing upside down. Car catches on fire, thankfully all got out. Girls had broken bones, charges filed. “Don’t be that guy.”

    APRS is not up :( – Will be in NY.

    Dan: Most people don’t subscribe to the idea that what we do is “safe” – so I think it’s good as a 3… :p
    LOL at the link –

    – Kris

  3. lulz – I have to admit, if my race car was going on a truck I hired online to be hauled from one side of the country to the other and I had a shoebox in the car that transmitted it’s exact location, I’d want that turned on! I suppose there’s probably some kind of rule regarding the HAM licensing and being more than a mile or two away from your transmitter. Ah well. That would be cool to watch Ze Neon on it’s epic journey. Have it on for the trip back, then?

    “Safety Third” sounds like the official catch phrase for Dan’s “FRANS” device. :P

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