Live tracking – Leaving early for Rim

Last night I got the rally car up from the shop and parked close. I had time to build my Byonics TinyTrak3 APRS tracker (see this post) and got it setup and firing location packets. This weekend will be a demo beta test of the system. So if you want to help me test it – Keep an eye on us and post a comment if you use it.

We’re leaving early tomorrow morning around 6:00AM-PST and heading up to Lancaster towing the Neon with the tracker active. So, the early birds in the East Coast can watch our boring tow out there. :) Saturday afternoon we’ll keep it running and you can watch us drive around the fairgrounds from 12:00PM-PST to 10:00PM-PST. Sunday we’ll be racing in the fairgrounds from 9:00AM-PST to 4:00PM-PST. The GPS signal looks accurate enough that I’ll bet you can tell when we’re in service and when we’re screwing around in the autocross lot. :D Look for the course and speed at the top of the page.

Track the team!

Watch for the live scores on rallydata.comRim of the World Rally Challenge Results

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3 Responses to Live tracking – Leaving early for Rim

  1. Christine says:

    Happy Birthday, Kris! I’m so excited to get up to Rim of the World and celebrate!

  2. Dean says:

    Now that’s a neat gadget. At 11:04 central, you’re about to pass Edwards AFB. Either you’re taking an off-road excursion, or Google maps and your GPS aren’t quite in sync. I assume you’re on 138, not in a field to the west of the raod. :)

    Best of luck at Rim.

  3. Dean says:

    Doh! I see that means you’re already there!

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