Slick kill switch install.

too obvious?After a week of carbon fiber construction, I finished the co-driver pod and the blank plate for the radio. The pod looks awesome, but I’m saving pictures for when it’s all wired up. I used about 8 feet of 10 inch wide carbon fabric and 16 ounces of 3:1 thin epoxy to make 2 flat plates. I then added a second coat of epoxy to make them smooth. The epoxy takes 8 hours to cure, so advance planning is a must. I did 5 seperate epoxy ‘cures’ over the last week.

After seeing how beefy this switch was, I decided that just CF attached to the plastic faceplate was not going to be safe enough to hold it. I built a bracket out of some left over diamond plate. Then drilled and bolted the kill switch where the radio once was. The bracket worked out well as I could recess the switch slightly and cover up the bolts with the CF plate.

The kill switch will get wired with some 4 gauge I picked up at the local Circuit City Road Shop. I have a bunch of wiring to do and I must say that I miss handing that task off to James. The Brantz rally computer, water temp gauge, oil pressure gauge, and kill switch, all need to be connected and tested. This is the fun stuff compared to an engine swap or body work.

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3 Responses to Slick kill switch install.

  1. Mr. The Plague says:

    You love the nasty Wiring… admit it.

  2. Kris says:

    Dude – I swear to god I’m going to mail a piece that you had “5″ splices in – back to your sorry ass. :p You know I was thinking about you the whole time… “God DAMN Mackey!” :D

  3. Mr. The Plague says:

    It only had five splices cause we kept changing what was going there. Don’t blame me…blame the design. :)

    …by the way… It think that’s the first time my name has ever been “Damned”.

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