ZE-NEON progress update numero III.

I’m going to try to do an update without getting into a huge diatribe about what’s happening in my life. That’s what planetkris is for anyway.

Now back to the show! Compression test is done. I have 180psi in all four cylinders. The rear suspension is done. The tip that Chris wrote me worked. After having the boys over at Town Fair Tire take a crack at them with the torch, James returned with them last Sunday. Gobs of anti-seize later, they are back in. Christine and I worked all last weekend getting the bushings in. To my astonishment – I realized that I don’t have a rear sway bar.

I’m serious – I thought all cars had them. I thought the Neon had one. I’ve been under the car how many times?? Only now do I realize this?! So, I added that to the list of things that I have to get at the junkyard this Saturday. I even have a nice new set of bushings for them!

Home Depot is my kind of race store. I think if they tried a little harder, they could dominate the street touring market with a selection of hardware re-branded for car enthusiasts. Gutter guard? No, no – “Bumper Screening.” PVC Pipe? Ah, yes – “Intake modification.” Are you going to buy a $3 hose clamp at AutoZone, or get 3 for a dollar at The Home Depot? No brainer. They just need to start carrying METRIC hardware. I know some do, but not all. Embrace the metric system people! Fractions were never fun in third grade and I still don’t know (nor care) if 3/8″ is bigger or smaller then 1/2″. 8 is more then 2 goddamnit!

*cough. Ahem. From the aluminum angle stock I purchased at the HD, I fabricated some bad ass mud flap mounts. Stainless hardware is the way to go here. Now she’s ready for some truck sized flaps. This weekend I have some more finish work to do. Bleed brakes, flush coolant again, paint front bumper, finish wiring, etc.
Almost forgot! I bought some bling. Every car should have clear headlights. I hate the frosted, gel, headlights on the Neon. I found that a lot of other people do too! So I picked up a set of these from neoncars.com for a lot less then some other dealers had them for. Go Froogle!

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  1. Nate says:

    I don’t know which model of car the rally car started life as, but I believe that among 1st gen Neons, only the Sport and higher among Dodges and higher than the Expresso among Plymouths actually came with rear bars.

    ACRs had them as well, although I consider those the highest level model even though they were really base models with a few enhancements.

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